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Money Mindset Makeover Summit

Shift Your Mindset

You get 33+ hours of digitally downloadable conversations about how you can step into your prosperity and take the right steps to increase your financial flow.

This life-changing interview series is designed to give you the keys to unlock your money mindset and create your infinite wealth.

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Seduce Your Desires

The first step to being and having what you desire is to be in Resonance.

Resonance is about seducing your desires through shifting your vibration.

Resonance is a onetime, private mentoring session with Shannon to bring you into Resonance with the thing you desire most right now... you know, that one thing that you can't possibly wait any longer to have. In addition to your private mentoring session with Shannon, you'll also get a personalized Singing Bowl Journey, custom made for you Medicine Bundle and Resonance Playbook to drawn in what you desire.

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Embrace Your Power

Ascend is a four month accelerated private mentoring program to embrace your power, abundance and grace.

No matter where you are on your personal journey, Ascend will take you deeper into your self-healing, ancient remembering, spiritual connection and heart-centered manifestation.

Your soul is calling you to embrace who you are and have the passionate life you are meant to live - now. Ascend includes two sixty minute, one-on-one sessions with Shannon every month, Ascend Playbook, Daily access to Shannon in a private Facebook group, personalized Singing Bowl Journeys, custom made for you Medicine Bundles, customized tools and exercises as needed, and a custom made Initiatory Medicine Shield Necklace to help you embody your divinity and draw your desires to you.

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Live Your Real-Life Fairytale

Presence is an exclusive full private day experience with Shannon to catalyze your own Presence, attract everything you desire, dive into your inner sacred and connect with deep, unspoken mysticism.

Presence is powerful. When you know how to stand in your Presence you are standing in your power, your grace and your being in its entirety. It changes the way you view the world, what is drawn to you, what falls away and frees you to move forward and how you feel every waking moment of your life because it is your natural, expanded state of BEING.

Your world shifts and you are transformed. The most amazing thing is that everything around you then shifts to accommodate your Presence... and your real-life fairytale unfolds.

Presence is the most in-depth mentoring I offer with special, Presence only benefits and tools that provide you with highly personalized guidance and support to bring out and elevate your own Presence.

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Monthly Vibrational Healing & Wisdom for Soulful Moms

Invoke means to call in.

It's a prayer of anticipation.

Invoke is a dose of monthly inspiration, abundance, sacred connection and a Singing Bowl Journey.

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