You are so much more than you can imagine.

You are the leading lady, the heroin, the High Priestess, the Queen of your life.

If you are such a powerful being and meant to do so much with your life, why then do you settle for what you have?

Whatever you just said to yourself in your head, whether it was a sarcastic or timid little voice, it's part of your path. It's the little thing in your way that's stopping you. Seriously!

I know what it's like to struggle just long enough to make you weary of even wanting more.

I also know what it's like to feel like you are fighting everyone and everything just to survive.

To go to bed every night and be so frustrated with your life you could just scream, but then thinking that it wouldn't even make a difference.

To feel alone, helpless to change your circumstances, isolated from all of those people who have seemingly "figured-it-out" - and at the same time, being a little thankful that you don't have the meaningless lives they live.

To think, there MUST be more!

There is, but you have to make the choice to Ascend to the life you want to live.

Are you feeling this tug-of-war inside you that says that you need to change your life - lose weight, get in shape, make more money, have more authentic relationships, and deepen your spirituality...

But you don't know how?

I know how you feel, because I've lived it. I've felt insignificant... hopeless.

But I wouldn't give up. I fought my way, and surrendered my way, and loved my way to having the real life fairytale I do today. My tenacity and love saved me and allowed me to create a life most people only fantasize about.

Want to know how I did it?

It's a long, long story. But I would love to share it with you, because I know that you too can have a passion filled, miraculous life that will stun people with awe.

So, how do you learn the wisdom and heart of how my story can transform you?

The most accelerated and powerful way to move leaps and bounds ahead of where you are now is to work with me one-on-one.

As soon as I said that, you may have had a twinge of resistance. But here's the deal.

Do you want to listen to all of the free stuff on the internet, keep reading endless books and taking a variety of courses, and then years later have barely made any change at all? You know what I mean.

Or do you want to have intimate conversations with me where I can directly help you navigate your path quickly and give you tools that will create the deep, lasting change that will impact every day, every moment, of the rest of your life?

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm different. I'm a no nonsense kind of girl who wants to help you dig into your life, get to the bottom of things and let go of what's holding you back so you can soar. And I know it's possible, because I've done it myself.

When you make the decision to work with me, I walk with you through the hard stuff, provide the exercises and tools you need when you need them, guide you, and celebrate your triumphs with you.

I have the exact tools and knowledge you need for the direct issues that are stopping you from living fully, meaningfully and in your divine feminine power.

Imagine what it would be like if you have everything that you wanted.

Imagine how blissful it would feel to be, do and have everything you wanted and know, for sure, that the next things you want will come to you when you want them.

When you work with me you get to have my expertise in guiding your path, one step at a time, the exact way that I changed my life.

We'll talk twice a month for an hour, specifically on what you need help with. You'll receive personalized medicine bundles to help you deeply experience your inner sacred and personal power. You'll get custom Singing Bowl Journeys to help you stay unstuck and move swiftly along your path. You'll learn from loads of exercises, playbooks, and visualizations that help you shift your vibration quickly, and then you'll receive a custom made for you, Initiatory Medicine Shield Necklace at the end of our time together.

You are too precious and too expansive to wait for what you want to somehow find its way to you.

Once you shift into walking through life as the powerful being you really are, in your grace, your power and scared self, you are limitless and free.

When you are connected to your true self and know how to change your energy, you become the seductress of your desires and the love of every aspect of your life.

You become the master of how to ascend vibration and that, my sister, will change you forever.

Let me help you to ascend into your divine feminine power and potential.

Here's the details of Ascend:

  • Two 60-minute one-on-one calls with me per month
  • Recordings of our calls
  • Ascend Playbook
  • Daily access to me in the Ascend Secret Facebook Group
  • Monthly Personalized Singing Bowl Journeys
  • Personalized Medicine Bundles to help you shift your vibration
  • Customized tools such as exercises, visualizations and play sheets as needed
  • Custom made for you Initiatory Medicine Shield Necklace

I want to make absolutely sure that Ascend is for you, so choose your time to talk to me about it.
If it is not the perfect fit for you, I'll help you find the next step in your path that is.

Let's Talk About Ascend

You have come so far on your journey and yet, you feel like you have not had the same amount of change show up in your life.

You may have been studying or working on the Law of Attraction or your spiritual connection for years.

And you still want those things you set out wanting, in fact, you want them even more, because it seems like you have been stalking them for such a long time.

You know what I'm talking about.

You want the life you want.

You want to have it all.

So let me tell you a secret about you.

The reason you feel so miserable and unhappy is because somewhere deep in yourself, you know that you are meant to be and have more.

The path that lies ahead of you may seem daunting. Like you are just exhausted from trying so hard to create the change you want in your life, like you are SO ready to just live the life you dream about.

You've chosen to take on a valiant path, a heartfelt quest.

Let me help you. I know the way and will walk the path with you.

Again, I only want you to dive into Ascend if it is the right fit for you. Choose your time to have a conversation with me about whether Ascend is the perfect fit for you, or we'll figure out what is.

I can't wait to get to know you...

Let's Talk About Ascend