Are you ready to live your real-life fairytale?

Once upon a time I was so frustrated that I could barely keep it together to make it through the day.

I was broke, and despite my obsession with the Law of Attraction, I really had no idea how to fix it.

I was so fat and out of shape that I had a hard time going on a walk with my kids.

I avoided living my purpose by staying busy every minute of the day and being exhausted.

I put my spirituality on the back burner and kept it in a separate little box away from my every day life.

I clung to my relationships with my husband and children, but in the state I was in, to be honest, was only partially available for them.

I was unhappy, irritable, distracted, isolated and lost.

I was living a blur, letting my past wounds rule me and zoning out.

It kept me in a separate reality, that was parallel but isolated from whom I was. I was unable to connect deeply and life fully.

Complacency, food and retreat were my guises.

Then I started breaking into moments where I was more awake and plugged-in to my life.

I latched on to these moments and then realized that they were moments of presence.

This presence was the act of being fully aligned, fully awake, fully authentic and being held in incredible grace.


As I welcomed these moments of presence they grew into a practice of presence, which has allowed me to conjure my real life fairytale.

I look back now and see that my happily-ever-after is the manifestation of my presence, which has accelerated my growth, connected me to things people can only dream about, allowed me to be, do and have everything I want, and shifted me into a life of sheer bliss where sometimes I think I need to pinch myself to make sure it's really real.

I know that for our planet to shift and heal, you and every being here must learn to merge with their own presence.

I mentor moms who want to create huge transformations in their lives and step into their power and grace to have the life they want.

I'm a catalyst for them to learn presence, to dive into their inner sacred, abundance and connect with deep, unspoken mysticism.

Are you ready to live your presence?

Ready to be what you are here to be, to take on the path of the priestess.

You are here to learn to sink into your moments, to consciously merge with the deliciousness of divine connection, and then, to experience the depths of who you are, what you are here to do, and the multidimensional Universe here to support you.

Do you feel that openness, that honesty and beauty beckoning to unfold within you and before you?

Your soul is jumping up and down screaming, "yes. Yes. YES!!!!".

If you are afraid, it's perfectly normal. In fact, if you aren't at least a little afraid of learning presence, you aren't really feeling the magnitude of what it means.

Presence is powerful. When you know how to stand in your presence you are standing in your power, your grace and your being in its entirety.

It changes the way you view the world, what is drawn to you, what falls away and frees you to move forward and how you feel every waking moment of your life because it is your natural, expanded state of being-ness.

Your world shifts and you are transformed. And the most amazing thing is that everything around you then shifts to accommodate your presence.

I hear this over and over again from women who work with me who believe this process is miraculous.

If you want to have a transformational experience like visiting the Tor that changes who you are forever and brings you into alignment with who you are and the life you are designed to live, you'll want to visit me.

For a few women who are ready for a revealing initiation that shifts the vibration of their existence, I offer Presence.

Presence is a full, one-on-one day with me either in person here in Colorado, or virtually.

When you are ready to irrevocably begin your greater opening, initiation if you will, to your path, Presence is the answer.

We start by having an intimate hour-long talk to prepare for the full day together. I create a private Facebook group for just you and I, where I can give you tools to use, including a Singing Bowl Journey to stir your deepest self. We'll decide together what you need and how I can best guide you. Then we schedule our day together.

When we meet, face-to-face, just you and I, we'll do a live Singing Bowl Journey and/or ceremony, depending on what you need, and some intense training that will literally change the way you view the entirety of your world.

We can choose to visit a sacred power site or vortex, learn ceremonies to instantly shift your energy... you will literally be changed at deep, unconscious levels by being able to be in my Presence all day.

We will have lunch together and you will learn how to be a Mesa Carrier so you can carry the energy of the day with you and all your power throughout your life.

I will choose personalized tools for a Medicine Bundle for what you need all the time.

You will receive your own Activated Singing Bowl and when it comes time to part at the end of the day you will receive a custom Initiatory Medicine Shield Necklace from me to hold the energy of the day and your transformation.

Soon after our day together, we'll talk again on the phone for an hour to help you integrate your experience and make sure that you are firmly, confidently on your path.

Come spend a powerful day with me and we'll summon your Presence.

Here's all the details of Presence:


  • Two 60-min one-on-one calls with me, one before your day and one after
  • Recordings of your calls provided for you
  • 1 Full Private Day with me Live or by Virtual Livestream (ONLY Available in Presence)
  • Private Facebook Group exclusively for you and I (ONLY Available in Presence)
  • Live Singing Bowl Journey (ONLY Available in Presence)
  • Personalized Medicine Bundles as needed
  • Creation of your personal Power Bundle or Mesa (ONLY Available in Presence)
  • Activated Singing Bowl (ONLY Available in Presence)
  • Custom made for you Initiatory Medicine Shield Necklace

Because Presence is so special and I pour all of myself into helping the courageous women who are ready for Presence, I can only help a small number of women who are ready.

I ask that you are fully committed to Presence like I am, and that you are willing to step through the gateways and initiations that I lead you to. I will be your catalyst and guide, but you must be ready to do the work.

Choose your time to speak with me to see if you are ready for Presence.

Let's Talk About Presence

Presence is not for everyone.

It is an intensely focused offering to bring you back to your source of divine feminine power, to initiate your inner sacred, embody your abundance and help you remember your true purpose here on the planet at this time, which is to be a priestess of the light and help raise the vibration of our planet.

And when you reconnect in these ways, your life becomes an effortless expression of passion, love and happiness.

You step into a life where you thrive in every way and feel immersed in all of creation.

You become a beacon of the divine and your life will be irrevocably changed.

You must be ready and willing to participate in Presence, so I would love to speak with you to make sure Presence is for you. If by some chance Presence is not the perfect fit for you right now, I'll help you figure out what the next step is for you.

Choose your time to speak with me to see if you are ready for Presence.

I look forward to connecting with you...

Let's Talk About Presence