You are meant to be deeply in love with your life...

To thrive and have ALL you desire...

To live fully awake and engaged...

You are meant to live in a tangible resonance with who you are.

Resonance draws your desires in and fills your entire being with light and joy.

If you don't wake up most mornings, breathe in, close your eyes and smile to yourself, you are out of resonance.

If you don't have most of what you desire in your life right now, you are out of resonance.

If you are resisting, procrastinating, waiting, struggling, stuck or just can't seem to get a break, you are out of resonance.

So what is resonance and how do you become resonant?

Resonance means that you are in the same vibration of your desires.

It is the easiest, fastest way to seduce your desires.

For instance, if you were color blind to the color blue and you were unable to see blue, you would be out of resonance with the vibration of the color blue. So if you could shift your resonance to include the color blue, you would then be able to see it... to be in resonance with it.

Or if you hear static on your radio station, you would be out of resonance with that radio station. If you could turn the dial a bit, you'd come into resonance with your station. BUT, you may have to keep turning the dial little by little until you find the station or resonance with what it is you desire.

Resonance is the vibrational alignment to what you desire.

And if you are out of resonance, there is literally no way what you want can EVER come to you.

This is the reason Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction appear not to work for most people. It's not because the Universal Laws are untrue, but because you are not using them properly by moving into resonance with what you are wanting.

As we move along your journey, we can look at resonance like a sacred well of old.

The sacred wells would be hidden in the forests or near temples or in lush gardens like the Chalice Well. You would be unable to tell they existed most times unless you had been shown where they were located.

The stone wall encircling them and their depth helped them hold their energy, just as once you understand how to connect with the resonance of what you want, it will be easy to keep that resonance.

And lastly unbeknownst to most, the wells were fed by underground streams which kept the water in a constant state of flow - even though it appeared stagnant from above looking down into the water. You, just like the wells of old, will be able to be in the flow and expand your resonance to draw in even greater desires.

I'm a master of resonance.

I understand multi-dimensional energy, the power of emotions and the deep Universal truths that allow you to draw in and seduce your desires while becoming more of who you are.

I've attracted everything I want into my life.

Here are some examples:


  • I met an married my soulmate. I've been happily married for almost twenty years and fall deeper in love every day.
  • I have three beautiful children who are growing into strong, conscious young men that I am so incredibly proud of.
  • I wake up every morning in my historic ranch dream home - without a mortgage.
  • I never have to worry about money and get to buy what I want with cash when I want it.
  • I get to experience the best of every experience I choose.
  • I own a working cattle and horse ranch.
  • I get to ride horses every day.
  • I create a six figure income in one year after struggling with money.
  • I have a richly spiritualized life that allows me to move between my everyday life and other dimensions at will, allowing me to fulfill my life purpose.
  • I am able to empower thousands of women to awaken to who they really are and move past a lifetime of abandonment and lack into a life of love and have all they desire... and by doing so, I'm helping raise the vibration of our planet.

So, let me ask you a question... Are you ready for Resonance with all you desire?

One of my passions is helping you learn resonance and create a life of continual bliss so you can illuminate our world.

I can help you move into resonance with money, relationships, your health and connecting with spirit. I'll teach you the intense art of being able to resonate with anything you choose, which unlocks every one of your potential desires.

Here are the quick details of how I can help:


  • Resonance Legend to help you prepare for your call
  • One 60-minute One-on-One session with me
  • Recording provided to you
  • A Personal Singing Bowl Journey Recorded for you
  • Personalized Medicine Bundle custom created for you and what you wish to resonate with

Let me take that a bit deeper...

When you choose Resonance you'll receive the Resonance Legend to help prepare you for your call and give me an introduction to where you are and exactly what you need help with.

Then through your hour long, one-on-one private call with me, I help you shift into resonance with the thing you desire most right now. I listen to your words and read your energy as clues to what you are resonating with now and that allows me to guide you to be in resonance with your desires.

Once we work together for our hour and you have a clear understanding of your path to resonance, I'll create a custom channeled personal Singing Bowl Journey for you to help you ground that resonance into reality and work on removing any lingering blocks that are holding you from your full resonance and potential.

You can use and reuse the recording of your custom personal Singing Bowl Journey as often as you need and will find that it evolves with you as you change and expand your resonance.

Lastly, I will create a Personalized Medicine Bundle to help you bring in and move into resonance with your desires. The tools in these Medicine Bundles are physical reminders and help you hold the energy of your resonance.

I'm Ready for Resonance

Your Investment is $197


I know that you are ready to have all that you desire, to thrive in every part of your life, to engage in a passionate relationship with Spirit, and to be the powerful being that you are.

Resonance is a way to move towards all that you desire.

I know that when I was waiting and chasing my desires, I would have done anything to know how I could make my desires start showing up in my life.

So here's my question for you.

Are you really serious about having your desires?

I know that I can help you, and I have thousands of women just like you who have changed their lives by coming into resonance with their desires.

The thing is you have to believe that there is a way and you have to have the courage and faith to take action.

If you can do those two things, then you are ready to resonate with what you desire.

I'm Ready for Resonance

Your Investment is $197